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i.      Operates Monday  and Friday


ii.       You can order on line using the app Qkr! (pronounced 'quicker').

Alternatively, lunch orders can be written on your own bag with money and placed in the class room lunch order container.


iii.   Canteen opens at recess selling a variety of hot and cold healthy snacks.


iv.    After lunches have been eaten (1.10 p.m.) children will have the opportunity to purchase healthy snacks.


Parent volunteers supervise the canteen on a Monday and Friday.  We are always thankful for helpers in this area.   If you have some free time to commit to your child's school we would appreciate you seeing the office and getting your name on the roster.


We aim to maintain a ‘healthy canteen' in line with regulations provided by the NSW government.


Linked with our Healthy Canteen we run in classrooms a nutrition program directed towards promoting healthy eating habits in children. We also encourage children to have a healthy fruit snack in the morning – through our fruit break. Children who have a fresh piece of fruit (from home) can eat this in class at a specified time whilst still working. This we have found greatly increases the amount of fruit our students are eating, especially the little ones. An added advantage is the improved student concentration levels that we have noticed since starting this initiative.

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