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P & C


P & C meetings are held every school term in week 3 and week 7 on Wednesday night at 6.00p.m. These meetings provide parents with an opportunity to share information about children and to voice opinions, ideas and requests. They are also an opportunity for the school to request support and to consult with the community and parent group on important matters. 

P & C raise valuable funds and provide enormous support to the school.  You are encouraged to become actively involved by attending meetings or assisting P & C activities.  To be a voting member in meetings a small joining fee of two dollars is required. However you are still welcome to attend the meetings and have your say, but not eligible to vote. A P & C representative will attend kindergarten orientation day to assist with further inquiries.


Facebook : Cudgen P&C Association Group (Parents and Carers Only),

                    Cudgen P&C Association (Community)


President:              Gemma Martin

Vice President:     Sue Togo and Linda Slockee

Secretary:              Katie Thornton

Ass. Secretary :    Jane Prichard

Treasurer:              Brad Platt


Assistant Secretary:   

Uniform Convener:     Tegan Conwell

Uniform Assistant:     Linda & Kim Slockee

Canteen Convener:     Rachel Julius & Kaya Wiltshire

Canteen Assistant:     Anne Davidson

Canteen Roster:         Gemma Martin

Fete Convener:           




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